Weld Meshes
Weld mesh is electrically welded steel wire mesh used for several applications among several industries. Applications includes security and safety enclosures, fencing, material containers, rubbish containers, sports training enclosures, racking and shelving, animal enclosures, trailer cages, wine racks, pot plant stands, tool tidy racks, shelving, tool storage, for gates, industrial storage and many other uses.
It is manufactured from smooth steel wire and comes in a wide variety of formats to suit different applications. Weld mesh can be cut, bent, wired together and welded.

Standard Specifications available are:

Product Packing Specification Wire Diameter
WM225 Bundle of five sheets 8’x4’; 2”x2.5” 2.94mm(11G)
WM325 Bundle of five sheets 8’x4’; 3”x2.5” 2.64mm(12G)
Grill Mesh Sheet 8’x4’; 2”x2” 4.5mm

We manufacture customized products on request
Available in:

  • Sheets or rolls of different sizes
  • Square and rectangular mesh shapes
  • Wire diameters ranging from 2mm to 8mm
  • Various mesh sizes from 50mm to 200mm